Sunday, June 25, 2017

Free Quick Commands Search – Autocomplete for Key-in Commands

From the Autodesk App Store:

Quick Commands Search for Autodesk® Revit® is a plugin which enables users to find and run commands by typing the command name in an autocomplete box. The plugin is designed to help Autodesk® AutoCAD® users make an easier transition into Revit as well as for existing user looking to increase their work efficiency. This plugin is a must have tool for all Revit users and AutoCAD lovers.

  • When installed in Revit, Click F2 to open the box
  • Quickly finds and executes any Revit command.
  • Smoother transition between AutoCAD to Revit.
  • Efficiency increasing plugin - Saves an average of 7 seconds (!!) per command.

Face Painter – Paint Tool for Systems Families

From the Autodesk App Store:

Use this application whenever you need to use the “Paint” tool on several system elements. The system elements are the ones that cannot be saved as external families, such as: floors, ceilings, walls and roofs. You can filter the faces by orientation, such as: vertical, horizontal and diagonal. You can use any material element in the current project. You can also Remove Paint of elements by the same filters. While you are in the settings window, the application will update the amount of element selected and faces to paint.

Screenshot of the interface

Free R AutoSave – Auto-Save for Revit

From the Autodesk App Store:

Every Autodesk® Revit® user has been faced with a situation of emergency shutdown and loss of data at some point. No one wants to lose time and work done. This inspired us to create the "R AutoSave" application - auto-save for Revit!

The main task of R AutoSave is to minimize the loss of data. You just need to install R AutoSave, set the auto-save interval and that's it!

Examples of use.
Normal work.
For example, you specify an interval of auto-saving of 5 minutes. This means that R AutoSave will automatically save your project every 5 minutes (completely without your participation).
You can still make a "manual" file saving (the "Save" button) when you need it.
The backup files created during the "manual" saving (files like "Project Name.001.rvt") will be stored by default in the "Backup" folder in the project directory.

WhiteFeet Tools for Revit 2018

Mario Guttman has announced the updated release of his WhiteFeet Tools for Revit 2018. (Sorry we don't have more information on this update for you.)

Assemble Insight – Includes Rapid Model-Based Takeoff and Visual Variance Reporting

From the Assemble Systems website:

The Industry’s Most Advanced Model Data Management Solution 

Assemble Insight is a cloud-based data management solution for AEC professionals that unlocks the power of BIM to create intelligent building information for use across the entire project lifecycle.


Assemble extracts model information from authoring tools and sends it to the cloud so your team can access and use BIM data in a web browser. Publish models in minutes, using the Assemble Add-in for AutoCad or Revit, to quickly visualize the model, it’s quantities and other mission critical information without being a BIM expert.

Scan to BIM 2018

From the IMAGINiT Technologies website:

Scan to BIM 2018 is Here

The Scan to BIM™ add-on for Autodesk Revit enables you to create and validate a model from a point cloud with automated recognition and placement of architectural elements such as walls and columns, as well as MEP elements such as pipes, ducts, conduits and more.

We're pleased to announce the latest release of IMAGINiT's Scan to BIM solution, Scan to BIM 2018.

Our latest release features the ability to send a subset of your point cloud to another user, lets you quickly jump between stored section box definitions of the 3D view, and offers enhanced orthographic adjustment tools as well as support for working in perspective views..

Free Webinar Jun 28 – Revizto 4.4 "The Rocket Fuel for Coordination"

From the registration website:

Revizto 4.4 the rocket fuel for coordination

Wed, Jun 28, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

In this global webinar we will run through the new features in Revizto 4.4 and the workflow strategy behind them.  This new version 4.4 is all about coordination, how can we better assign, communicate and resolve clashes. We will walk through this improved process. The ability to coordinate different trades by file type, category, level or phase is now just one click away.

You will also learn  how to isolate or color code different aspects of the model and how this ties into the Issue Tracker.

There's more information available on the registration website.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Review of the Free Tools in the CTC BIM Batch Suite

Over on his BIM Chapters blog, Dan Stine has published a review of the free tools in the CTC BIM Batch Suite add-in. Read the review here.

Nice job Dan!

AGACAD's Summer Special: Until Jul 31, Buy Smart Details and get Smart Browser & BIM Tree Manager Free

From the AGACAD website:

AGACAD‘s Summer Special!

June 20, 2017 by Gitana Černiauskienė

As summer gets underway, we have a unique 3-for-1 offer. From now through July 31, when you purchase Smart Details, you’ll get BIM Tree Manager and Smart Browser Manager for FREE for 1 year!

Furthermore, by purchasing Smart Details, you get three pieces of software that can be used by two people simultaneously.

Get Your Free Content Library Audit

From the UNIFI website:

Get Your Free Library Audit

Make informed decisions to get the most from your investment in BIM content.

How valuable would a complete view of your BIM content libraries along with the ability to drill down deep into specific areas be to assessing the quality of your firm’s existing content?  UNIFI Insights provides you with a comprehensive dashboard enabling you to visualize your entire library at scale and receive in-depth reports that outline specific details about parameters, CAD files and the overall health of your library, along with highlighting areas for improvement.

Take advantage of a FREE library audit now – we’ll review one of your libraries and then go over the results with you in a brief consultation.  

Free Webinar Jun 27: What’s New with Collaboration for Revit & BIM 360

From the Microsol Resources website:

What’s new with Collaboration for Revit & BIM 360?

June 27, 2017 11:00 AM EDT - 12:00 PM EDT


How do you collaborate and access project data throughout the building construction lifecycle? Join this free webinar to learn how Collaboration for Revit and the BIM 360 Team service from Autodesk can empower a project team to collaborate, those in the field to better anticipate and act, and those in the back office to optimize and manage all aspects of construction performance.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Free External Access Links Manager Version 3.0 – Now Includes Batch Tool

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 3.0.0, 6/20/2017
  • Updated to work with Autodesk® Revit® 2018
  • Batch Tool Added (Process All Revit® Projects in a Folder)
  • Check All / None Checkboxes Added for Loading / Unloading Links


The 'External Access Links Manager' addin enables Revit users to view the links in Autodesk® Revit® project files without having to open them.

Once a Revit project file is selected, the 'External Access Links Manager' interface populates with data about the links in that project. Actions can then be performed on those links including repathing and setting the links to be loaded or unloaded the next time the project is opened. The user can also generate TXT reports which will list out information about every link associated with that Revit project file.

Batch Tool Interface (Annotated)

Hanger Generator

From the Autodesk App Store:

With Hanger Generator, you can create hangers on linear MEP elements, such as pipe, duct and Cable tray. You can define on which structural elements you want the hangers to hang, it can be on an element on the project or on an Autodesk® Revit® link. If there is nothing to hang, they will be created anyway, but with a uniform height. You can personalize things such as: Layout rules, measures, position offset, levels, on which elements they hang and internal parts.

Screenshot of the interface

BIM Track Version 1.11 for Navisworks and Revit

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 1.11, 6/20/2017

This release aims at vastly improving the 3D viewer’s performance. By introducing new technologies such as progressive rendering and frustum culling, we have pushed the limits of our viewer to an higher level. A variety of changes were also introduced to increase the user experience in general. See below for a full list of changes.

New Features:
  • Progressive rendering was added to the 3D viewer. This should vastly increase the viewer’s performance on complexes models. Please note that it’s possible to increase/decrease the progressive rendering strength in the option menu. When needed, the viewer will hide some elements in the model to allow a smoother navigation on complexes models and these elements will reappear progressively depending on your rendering priorities preferences as soon as the navigation stops.
  • An option menu was added for the progressive rendering where it’s possible to specify your own rendering order preferences. If you are currently reviewing HVAC issues, moving the HVAC to the top in the rendering priority will ensure that HVAC elements are displayed first.
  • An option called ‘Frustum culling’ was added to the 3D viewer. This option aims to improve the 3D viewer performance on large scale projects. When enabled, every element that lies outside of the viewing area will not be systematically rendered.
  • The ‘Fullscsreen’ option within the 3D viewer will now act as a real fullscreen instead of simply collapsing the left hand-side panel.
  • It is now possible to upload and display multiple models that use different unit systems.
  • To enlarge the viewing area, the left-hand panel will now collapse automatically upon entering the 3D viewer.
  • Improved error handling in the 3D viewer. The viewer will also try to recover its previous state when the browser runs out of available resources in an attempt to prevent crashes and a ‘loss of context’ from occurring.
  • Other small various changes were made to the 3D viewer to improve the user experience in general.
  • It is now possible to save a section plane with an issue in Navisworks 2017 & 2018. Interoperability for this feature is somewhat limited due to API limitations for Revit and pre-2017 versions of Navisworks.
  • Images contained in the comments of an issue are now displayed in the report.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Free Webinar Jun 26: RPC Creator Tool How-To

From the registration website:

ArchVision How-To: RPC Creator Tool

Mon, Jun 26, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT

Join us for "ArchVision How-To: RPC Creator Tool"

Live Q&A will take place after the presentation.

There's more information available on the registration website.